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On this page CORALIBRI Verlag & Service provides you with information about the range of services in the Office Service sector.

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Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.

Aristotle (384 BC – 322 BC)





CORALIBRI Verlag & Service reserves capacities in the administrational sector, which are used to be offered as external office services to our customers. We carry out the following types of tasks for you, if requisite in collaboration with our worldwide network of co-operation partners:




TRANSLATIONS English/German, German/English


No matter whether for private or for business purposes, if a text is to be translated, CORALIBRI’s over thirty years of experience in this field make us a qualified and competent place to go. Our special fields of work are: 

General Texts

   treatises, essays

General Correspondence

   business letters, private correspondence


   catalogues, advertising letters, corporate image brochures,

   adverts, product descriptions, texts for websites, press handouts

Commercial Texts

   contracts, business reports, presentations, degree dissertations

Technical Texts

   data sheets, operating instructions, manuals

Legal Texts

   terms/conditions, lawyer's correspondence, legislative texts


   prose, specialist publications


Our prices for translations depend on the subject or field in question, as well as on the extent and level of difficulty of the text.


Please simply send us your text or document by eMail to info(at)*. This will enable us to promptly send you an individual offer free of charge and without obligation.


You can also reach us through clicking on the "CONTACT"-Button on the navigation bar on the right side of this page. Or you can click here.



*please replace (at) by @ in the eMail-address




Proof Reading / Text Revision


We, too, know how easily a scribal error, a repetition or an inconsistency in a sentence can be overlooked in a text that has been re-read for umpteen times. If, or even better, before you get to the stage of self-tormented attrition, please let CORALIBRI proof read your German texts for you. We will mark what needs to be corrected and make suggestions for improvements or modifications where appropriate.


Just send us your text by eMail to info(at)*, then we can provide you with an offer free of charge and without obligation. You can also reach us through our "CONTACT"-page.



*please replace (at) by @ in the eMail-address





CORRESPONDENCE in English and German language

Writing of correspondence in English and/or German. Long-time operational practice allows CORALIBRI to deliver quick and efficient high quality work in this field. We are specialized in phrasing, formulating and writing commercial correspondence in German or English for our customers. All you need to do is give us a short description of the facts and situation and let us know what you wish to have written, respectively answered. We do the rest for you reliably and with discretion.


Our prices for correspondence are assessed according to the length, level of difficulty and the subject area of the text. In the case of long-term tasks, the order volume is also taken into consideration.


To receive an individual offer free of charge and without obligation, you only need to give us a short description of the document you wish us to draw up for you, respectively a brief account of the type and volume of your planned project. To this end you can send us an eMail to info(at)*, or go through the "CONTACT"-button on the navigation bar, or simply click here.



*please replace (at) by @ in the eMail-address


It applies to all of the above services that, as a rule, we will draw your document up in Word format and send it to you by eMail. This way you can create your text’s layout according to your own preferences. In individual cases, different arrangements can, of course, be agreed.


A word on CONFIDENTIALITY: Discretion and the protection of your data are highly important to us. Unpublished texts, or documents and processes that contain personal or internal information are treated with the utmost care at CORALIBRI. No matter whether company or private person, we assure you of the absolute confidential treatment of your documents and data.



Administration / Processing / Clerical Work


In the sector of general administrative tasks and commercial processing we would be glad to reduce your workload by taking on the time-consuming routine jobs, which tie up so much capacity in your daily business. Here CORALIBRI offers services tailor-made for your demands and requirements.

Maintenance of master data: product data, customer data,

   supplier/vendor data.

Entry of: inquiries, offers/quotes, orders, purchase orders.

Issuing of: delivery notes, packing lists, pro-forma-invoices,

   invoices, reminders/dunning letters.

Your data, documents and back-office procedures are in safe keeping with us and will, of course, be treated as strictly confidential. Our performance is reliable, on time and accurate and your administrative interests will be seen to efficiently.

Just contact us and describe your demands, so that we can provide you with a free and non-binding offer, adapted to your individual situation. You can send us an eMail to info(at)*. Or please click here, respectively go through "CONTACT" on the navigation bar to send us your inquiry.



*please replace (at) by @ in the eMail-address



Export Consulting

EXPORT CONSULTING in English or German language

Did you, as a small publishing house, ever have to give up a profitable order from abroad, just because it would have been too much effort to become familiar with the basic rules and regulations for international shipments at short notice? Or because the usual service providers in this field were far too expensive for your comparatively small consignment? Then CORALIBRI Verlag & Service can supply you with just the right professional consulting and assistance.


Around twenty years of operational experience in the import and export business equipped CORALIBRI with the necessary knowledge of how to efficiently process the administrational procedures of international shipments. This includes e.g. the drawing up of papers and documents, the preparatory work for a smooth customs clearance and the choice of the most suitable forwarding agents. On the basis of this good practice, CORALIBRI offers an export consulting and support service to other publishing houses, which is limited to the shipment of products of the publishing trade.


The prices for our export consulting services depend on the demands and labour necessary. Amongst other things the following is factored in: measures/weights of the consignment, mode of dispatch, dispatch agreements between sender and consignee, country of departure and country of destination, as well as the type, extent and complexity of the service desired.


To enable us to send you an offer free of charge and without obligation, we would require you to let us have a short description of the given situation.


Your data are solely used to draw up and send an offer. Any information given to us will, of course, be treated strictly confidential.


You can reach us by eMail under info(at)*. To the contact form you can go from here, or by clicking on the "CONTACT"-button on the navigation bar of this website, which is on the left side of this page.



*please replace (at) by @ in the eMail-address


Examples of and information on our work for customers can be found under ENGLISH --> ABOUT US --> CL-Works/Office Service through the navigation bar. Or simply click here.


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